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Quantum StorNext

StorNext is a high-speed file sharing and cost-efficient data protection software for companies wanting to dramatically increase performance. Now available as appliances as well! The new solutions include StorNext Metadata Appliances for high-performance file sharing, StorNext AEL Archives for cost-effective near-line storage and offline data retention as well as StorNext Q-Series Storage for high-speed primary storage.

Key Features and Benefits
•SAN File System delivers high-performance file creation, storing, and sharing.
•Distributed LAN Client (DLC) provides NAS-like scalability to thousands of servers and compute nodes.
•Shared File System enables simultaneous file access across heterogeneous platforms.
•File System Deduplication optimizes the capacity and cost of primary storage.
•Distributed Data Movers (DDMs) increase the performance and scalability of storage tiers.
•Replication enables powerful data protection and data distribution solutions.
•Management Console greatly simplifies data management complexities.
•Deduplication for storage tiers greatly reduces future storage requirements while enabling data to be retained longer.
•Self-Protecting Architecture leverages integrated data protection, and integrity checks safeguard data both on-site and off-site.
With StorNext data management software, you get high-speed content sharing combined with cost-effective data archiving. It's all about helping you build an infrastructure that consolidates your resources, so workflow runs faster and operations cost less. StorNext offers data sharing and retention in a single solution, so you don't have to piece together multiple products that may not integrate well. Even in heterogeneous environments, all data is easily accessible to all hosts. Need ultimate performance? We recommend SAN connectivity. For cost efficiency and fan-out, StorNext also offers LAN-based access using clustered gateway systems.

Business Challenge
The effort to move from one Data Management architecture to another is never a trivial undertaking. Because data is stored and managed in unique formats and there are potentially 100s of TBs and more that need to be realigned to a new storage paradigm, it is understandable why most organizations will wait until the last possible moment to perform such a migration. And even then, it will often not be well planned nor orchestrated in a seamless way. Add to that the complexities of storage and server hardware choices, the labyrinth of network interconnects, and legal/business ramifications of losing or damaging data, and the process for doing a migration in almost all cases is going to require Professional Services (PS) experts to help the Datacenter Manager understand, design, implement, and migrate the assets to the new storage managed architecture.

Quantum StorNext Solution
This is precisely why Quantum continues to invest and enhance StorNext software's data management and archiving capabilities. StorNext is the preferred end-to-end data management solution for your most demanding business needs. Flexibly scaling performance and capacity, StorNext already offers enterprise data management features, such as Online Tiering & Archiving, Deduplication, Replication, Distributed Data Movers, Partial File Retrieval, and more. Now StorNext is introducing a capability to easily and non-disruptively move off of your legacy HSM.

StorNext's new Archive Conversion Utility (ACU) is designed to minimize the burden associated with legacy storage platform migrations and significantly reduce the expense and time it takes to move files from existing legacy archives to a StorNext solution. The first release of this conversion tool will support the conversion of data from Oracle/SUN's SAM-FS and QFS software platform. With the ACU, terabytes or petabytes (PBs) of archived data located on tape media can be accessed within hours – instead of months -- of initiating a data migration to StorNext. Quantum's innovative approach enables storage administrators to transfer only file system structure and metadata information about the associated data files to the StorNext Storage Manager file server. Once the transfer completes, normally within a matter of hours, all non-StorNext files on original media can be accessed and modified from the StorNext File System. Administrators can control data movement over time from the legacy media to StorNext Storage Manager native media, without disruption to the organization's business workflow operations. This approach provides complete flexibility on how quickly physical data migrates to the StorNext supported system.

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