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Consultancy Services

"ICT Consultancy is not a matter of simple telling what you must do, but good listening and building the future together"

With this motto, our experienced specialists go sit round the table with you. We will first of all make an iventory of your existing IT infrastructure and match its results next to your present needs. Capacity and performance of systems, security, network, server and storage environment, but also the vision and focus of your organization are mapped. Together we look to the future; what do you want to achieve with your IT!.
Based on this information, our own many years off experience and the experience of the vendors, we will give you advise. 

Amitron also offers several Assessment and 'health checks' to your IT infrastructure to identify and investigate. For this we use a variety of our own or manufacturer-related tools.
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Het is ons beleid om samen te werken met de hoogst gecertificeerde Trend Micro Partner in Nederland

Cees de Vos - ICT Director


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