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Quantum Tape Library: scalar i40/i80

Now available with LTO-6! Bringing intelligent iLayer benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Expands to up to 40 slots (i40) or 80 slots (i80) of Capacity-on-Demand.

Key Features and Benefits:

•Simple capacity-on-demand scalability
•Simplified management with iLayer features
•Highest level encryption standard

Now entry-level and midrange storage environments can benefit from Quantum's intelligent tape libraries. With Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries, small and medium-sized businesses spend less time and money on backup, simplifying everything from initial installation and setup to ongoing management, and even adding capacity as storage needs grow. The integrated iLayer software allows you to benefit from reduced management time and a 50 percent reduction in service calls. And with more than 50,000 iLayer installations around the world, you can feel confident choosing Quantum Scalar tape libraries.

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Datasheet Scalar i40/i80

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Quantum Scalar i40/i80
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