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CommVault Simpana® Archive

Simpana® Archive is an integrated data archiving solution that optimizes data tiering, and improves information governance. With built-in tiered storage and multi-platform support including Microsoft Exchange servers, IBM Lotus systems, and Microsoft SharePoint data, comprehensive archive management is simplified. Archiving network attached storage (NAS), e-mail and file system data reclaims space on primary storage, reduces the amount of data to be backed up and allows you to keep more copies of your data to meet and exceed RTOs and RPOs. Archived data is retained for compliance and eDiscovery purposes while maintaining transparent end-user access.

Overcome Enterprise Data Archiving Challenges

With Simpana data archiving software, you can overcome today’s biggest challenges related to storage growth and information retention, including:

• Balancing long-term retention of information with bottom line economics
• Controlling escalating costs to manage primary data
• Adhering to ever-changing legal and compliance requirements

The CommVault Simpana Data Archiving Solution Benefits include:

• Reclaim primary storage, manage data retention and address Information Governance needs.
• Eliminate 90% of redundant data with integrated global deduplication and compression, saving on network, media and storage costs.
• Provide visibility with non-intrusive data collection from physical and virtual environments with integrated Storage Resource Management (SRM).
• Enforce retention and disposition policies to meet policy requirements and reduce risk.
• Enable a proactive and legally defensible information management strategy from a common interface.
• Allow seamless migration of archived data into public or private clouds

Website: CommVault Archive

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