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Quantum Tape Library: Scalar i6000

The intelligent Scalar® i6000 tape libraries are specifically designed for the archive and long-term data retention needs in an enterprise-level environment. The Scalar i6000 offers many new features such as next generation iLayer software, a new Storage Networking solution, Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) data integrity feature, Dual Robots, Active Vault and bulk load I/E capabilities. The Scalar® i6000 stores up to 16PB of data, enough for very large tape environments and tape consolidation projects.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Proactive remote diagnostics and relational diagnostics through intelligent iLayer software
• Dual Robots allow the library to continue to operate despite a robot failure
• Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) ensures the integrity of your data placed in long-term storage/archive/DR
• Active Vault archives tapes inside the library to minimize costs while improving security and data protection
• Advanced Reporting feature provides media statistics, tape drive utilization and security notifications
• Scales from 100 to 5,376 slots

Featuring the integrated, next generation iLayer software, Scalar i6000 tape libraries dramatically improve the security and manageability of your enterprise backup, disaster recovery, and archiving processes. Quantum customers experience significant management time savings due to the proactive monitoring and intelligent diagnostic features in iLayer management software, up to 75% savings compared to other libraries. The utilization of the iLayer software also reduces service calls by 50% and shortens resolution time by 30%. In addition, Scalar i6000 tape libraries accommodate continual data growth, expanding to up to 5,376 LTO slots in a single library. Intelligent and intuitive, Scalar i6000 tape libraries are designed to provide scalable and flexible data storage to meet the demands of high-duty-cycle data center operations.

Website: Quantum Scalar i6000

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